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MTL GECMA HMI online configurator

Welcome to Eaton's MTL GECMA HMI online configurator. This tool has been designed with simple navigation to guide you, quickly and easily, through the specification process of your desired HMI and allows you to submit your request for quotation at the end.

The innovative modular design of our MTL GECMA HMI range allows you to choose and customise your requirements to meet your application needs.

Learn more about our range of options available, all of which are ideal for industrial and hazardous areas applications.

Please note, the GECMA Challenger and Explorer ranges are in the termination process and on 'Last time buy', click below for more detail:

Select one of the options below and start building yours now!

Please DO NOT click the ‘back’ button in the browser or else you will lose your configuration. Instead use the ‘back to previous step’ links. During your configuration, you may go back to a numbered step of your choice BUT you will lose any subsequent steps selected.

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